Jillian Joseph

Jeff is amazing!  He made my headshots really pop out!  I love that he is not afraid to be daring.  I felt comfortable and confident working with him.  Also, he was willing to think outside the box with me to create the image I really wanted.  Francisco, the makeup artist, did a wonderful job.  My makeup looked natural and picturesque.  I am so excited to promote with these headshots.   I feel it will open even bigger doors for me and help me book work that is really meant for me. Thanks so much guys!

Lindsey Anderson

Jeffrey is awesome. I got great shots for nearly half of what I spent on my last shots. The session was super-fun and comfortable. Definitely recommend.


Manuel Penichet

Best session I’ve had…. jeff is very knowledgeable and highly skilled :-)


Kyle Page

At the top of the long list that sets Jeffrey apart from other photographers is the fact that he is an actor first! He understands how nerve racking the head shot process is from start to finish and he has gathered answers to all questions after years of being on both sides of the subject-photographer fence.
I never thought it was possible to get so many compliments from casting and production personnel about my head shots and I never thought I would have my photographer’s website memorized from all the times I’ve had to give it out!
Another interesting thing to make mention of is that over time I have met people that I recall seeing in Jeffrey’s portfolio and I must say the very energy and essence that his subjects portray in their head shot is more than evident in person. He truly captures what it is in an actor that needs to make its way to the 8×10!


Melissa Hammans

So pleased! Beyond pleased! SUPER pleased! Do yourself (and your career) a favor and have Jeff take your shots. I guarantee if you don’t feel at ease at first glance, you will within minutes of being around Jeff. Not only is he a skilled, intelligent, and enthusiastic photographer, he is also so fantastic to work with. The results are guaranteed when you shoot with him.


Robert Townsend

This was simply the easiest, most effortless, and perfect photo shoot. Jeff made me so comfortable, we just chatted about anything and everything, listened to great music, and shared stories, and while all that was happening, great shots kept happening! I had so many to choose from it was crazy. It was everything I could have hoped for. I highly recommend Jeff to everyone, his work is top notch and his personality perfection!


Devin Soden

Besides taking great shots Jeff is extremely professional and thorough. He took his time to make sure we were comfortable with each other and that proved successful in the shots I came away with.

I highly recommend working with Jeff. I am so pleased with my results.

Thank you Jeff!!



Jeff is great, he came highly recommended and proved to be extremely easy to work with. He’s got a great eye for what works and his sessions aren’t at all rushed. There is a great no-pressure vibe that totally sets your mind at ease and allows you to get out of your own head and simply relax and be yourself.
He’s personable, relaxed, no-pressure, takes great shots AND his headshot prices beat most others here in NYC.
100% recommend him.


Mark LaValle

Jeff’s work truly speaks for itself! He made the experience of getting head shots enjoyable. Additionally, his level of professionalism is top notch. I recommend him to anyone that is serious about working in the business. Anything you need Jeff is there to accommodate you. When I saw the results of my photo shoot, I knew I made the right choice to work with him. Jeff your the best!!!


Scout Durwood

I HATE getting headshots done, and at this point won’t work with anyone but Jeff. Not only is his work as a photographer amazing, he’s great at working with me and making me feel my best, which translates into the pictures in a big way. I swear by him, and people ask me where I got my shots done all the time. Two thumbs up… and if I had a third thumb, I’d give him three thumbs up, too.


Lindsey Simcik

Jeff truly loves what he does and it comes across not only in his brilliant photos but also in the interaction between him and the actor. He gets it. His relaxed vibe is the backbone of his intense passion. The shoots are effortless. I came out of my shoots feeling relaxed, satisfied, and confident. Friends and family look at my headshots and consistently comment “That’s you”. Jeff is younger than most photographers, but his talent and the ease with which he conducts his shoots and business rival those of photographers who have been in the business for decades. I highly recommend Jeff for your next shoot. Not only is he a fantastic and gifted photographer, but he has the actors best interest at heart–he is good people.


Jo Newman

I f-ing hate headshots. The tearing apart of my closet in blind determination for five outfits that somehow reveal each marketable facet of my personality, the tension while the makeup artist spends two hours making you look ‘natural’ and then finally the photographer’s idea of what you should be, rather than who you might actually be. That being said, I will never get headshots from anyone other than Jeffrey Mosier. Ever. Jeff orchestrates the perfect balance of a casual and comfortable atmosphere with immaculate attention to detail. He captures his actors with such beauty and intensity, that they seem to pop off the page. In Los Angeles, Casting Directors rarely compliment a headshot and since I have had Jeff’s, mine have inevitably become a conversation topic. Thanks so much Jeff.



Jeff is the best! I walked into the session a little nervous and he made me feel at ease right away. He sent me my shots later that day and always gets back to me right away. Everyone loves the pics I chose for my headshots and started getting auditions right away. Thanks Jeff!


Sarah Koblenz

It is hard to put into words how great Jeff is to work with. From the moment you meet, he makes you feel so relaxed and calm. Even if you are new to the business, jeff makes you feel like you are a complete pro!
Working with Jeff was such a fun experience, and the shots he took were unreal! I got so many compliments, it was very hard to narrow them down!
I would definitely recommend Jeff to any actor looking to get some GREAT shots! 


Billy Balasavage

Jeff Mosier, where to begin. Jeff was recommended to me from an acting coach/ actor. The very moment you step in the door Jeff makes you feel like you have been friends for longer than ever! He keeps it comfortable and fun all while being professional.
Going in I felt like I was going to be a nervous wreck, and have no idea what to do considering it was my first head shot session ever, but it was the complete OPPOSITE. He keeps it fun, and just makes it a great experience.
He is great when it comes to lighting, equipment, retouching, you can tell it is truly something he is passionate about and my photos came out great, I couldn’t be happier with them!
Jeff want’s nothing but the best for his clients, and I can’t thank him enough for producing quality head shots for me that I can proudly send out to anyone!


Taleah Griffin

Jeff is one the reasons I am freelancing with my top agent choice!
I met him at a seminar at Actors Connection where I found his knowledge of head shot photography very insighful and decided to cancel my appointment with another photographer and use him instead.
He was professional and made me feel comfortable and confident in the shots we were taking.
By far using him was one of the best career moves I have made. As a performer your head shot is everything so choosing the right photographer is crucial.


Roland Da Rold

Jeff has both a great understanding of the technology he uses and what is required in the industry today.
Every session has provided me with many great options, great advice on whats current, and what agents and casting directors want to see.
It shouldn’t be a question whether to go with Jeff, just make sure to move now before he’s booked for the next two months.


Josiah DeAndrea

Jeff has a way of making you feel relaxed and comfortable, and at the same time he’s taking multiple shots that market you in the best way possible. I’ve shot with a few photographers in the city, but Jeff’s turned out great, and I’m constantly getting complimented on my headshot. Not only that, but what he charges is definitely the best value for headshots in NYC for the quality you receive. I highly recommend Jeff Mosier. I have great shots that will last me a while, that I feel confident submitting.


Alice Barden

Jeff is the only head shot photographer you will ever need. I’ve gone to him twice and both of my shots get me more more than most of the others combined. Everyone in the industry always comments on how great they are.
Jeff is also an extremely smart man who keeps current on his craft and knows exactly what you need for yours. He is reasonable and kind and you don’t have to worry about a thing.
One stop excellence!

Alice Barden


Mark Hetherington

Review of Jeffrey Mosier, photographer

Two words: Do it!

There are two reasons why I chose Jeffrey Mosier as my headshot photographer:
1. The many incredible testimonials on ActorRated.com.
2. His portfolio of photos with amazing variety, unique in their appeal.

It was obvious to me from the start, that Jeff’s work ‘pops’ off the screen and/or page. Actors know that our headshot is our entrée to any casting opportunity. With fewer than 10 seconds of eye contact, it is imperative that our photo conveys our special essence and grabs the attention of the casting person. The connection between the reviews in ActorRated, where actors related how casting directors remarked on how different their headshots were and the photos themselves, was profoundly obvious. From there, the choice was simple.
Working with Jeff was easy, from setting up the session, to his making his way out in the freezing cold to meet me at the endpoint of my wayward cab ride. His studio is deceptively simple, yet the straightforward manner of shooting that he employs produces incredible, professional results.
What separates Jeff from the many other talented photographers is this: he is a successful actor and he understands how important the headshot is, its function in the casting process, and how to work with actors. As he shoots, he provides simple, unobtrusive adjustments, much as a good director would. With tacit approvals by his able assistant, Bailey from the adjacent couch, we were able to record three different looks, in many different moods and personalities. And it was fun!
The proofs that I received from Jeff gave me so many great choices and I am completely satisfied with the three that I selected. All the feedback I have received from professionals, friends, and Net connections has been most positive.
As a consumer who researches online, I look for overall trends in the reviews of service professionals and products, with a ‘reading between the lines’ that reveals underlying qualities that make for a positive experience. I do not award a positive review lightly; giving my Jeff highest approbation is easy and heartfelt.
To sum up, if you need a headshot that will capture you in a new and refreshing way and will work most effectively for you in the casting process, Jeff Mosier, photographer = Do It!



Jeff is amazing! I’ve worked with several photographers in the past and have never had that many options to choose from along with the comfortability of working with a professional. The shots are perfect, the price is right, and the experience is unforgettable. Thank you Jeff!


Sara Caputo

Jeff is a fantastic photograph to work with and his results are excellent. He is a really easy guy to work with. Makes you feel relaxed and at ease and knows how to get a good smile out of you. I definitely recommend him to all actors out there wanting to get good quality and affordable head shots.


Pearl Veldwijk

Best photographer i worked with! Jeff really understands how to make a great actor’s headshot. But if you need a great beauty shot for like modelling he can do that to.Ive been gettin so many compliments from agents and casting directors. Jeff is the best!


Daisy Taveras

What do I look for when looking for a headshot photographer? Warmth, affordability, and understanding of the business! If you look carefully that spells JEFFREY MOSIER. Once I spoke to Jeffrey I instantly knew I was going to work with him. That for me speaks volumes. Go ahead and try it. Call him and you will see.


Philip Lakin

I cannot recommend Jeff enough to any actor looking for exceptional head shots. I have been acting since I was younger and had used Manning Gurney as my photographer for over 14 years. He had retired by the time i needed my last set of head shots taken, so I needed to find some one new. Know ing that this head shot will be my calling card for he next phase of my career, I did not taking the selection process lightly. I asked my manager for a list of recommended head shot photographers and cross-referenced it with actorrated.com. Jeff topped both lists. After talking with him on the phone, seeing his work, and checking out his rates, I made an appointment. Not only did we work well together right off the bat during our session, but he was amazingly efficient. I cannot believe he got the shots he did in our 2 hour session. I was used to getting half the great shots from session 3 times as long in the past. Due to having been an actor, he really knows how to work with us. He has a way of bringing out the special something we each have, and translating it into a single frame. Not only were my manger, fellow actors, and myself floored by his results, but so was a major casting director. Within 3 days of changing my profile picture on the One on One database to the head shot he took, a major commercial casting director contacted me about auditioning for the lead in an Old Navy Commercial. Not only did this never happen with my old head shots, but I don’t even have my resume posted there. My head shot alone got me noticed, working as the calling card that I need it to be. Bottom line: He is a great guy with a great product and a great price.



I just had my headshots done by Jeff after hearing wonderful things about his work. Excellent choice! Leave your past issues and anxieties about headshot sessions at the door – Jeff works in an efficient, relaxed way that puts you at ease. He’s great about follow-up and going the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with the final result.


Laurena Barros

I had a terrific experience working with Jeff. He made me feel completely relaxed and really made the session a lot of fun. I was not rushed at all, and he really understood what I wanted. My headshots turned out great…I actually had a hard time choosing which ones to use. My agent was really pleased and I’ve gotten complements from casting directors on how much the shots captured “me.” I’ve been going on a lot more auditions, and I really believe that the shots have a lot to do with it. I highly recommend Jeff! And his prices are reasonable and affordable.



Working with Jeff was amazing he’s able to make people relax and just feel natural as he’s snapping away. I have to say the best photographer I have worked with and I plan on working with him again.


Melissa Glassman

I love, love, love working with Jeff. I HATE getting headshots taken, but Jeff has such a great way of putting you at ease, nothing forced, everything coming to life organically- and it shows in the photos. They’re great. A wonderful experience and amazing headshots to boot.





David Marchman

Jeff Mosier Photography,
Firstly Jeff is an awesome guy, he makes working with him soooo easy and the shoot is amazingly fun. No awkwardness at all, Jeff makes you feel like a good friend.
Secondly, HIS WORK IS PHENOMENAL! Casting directors love my head shots , I hardly get turned down when applying for auditions. Ha most people say my head shots look like “Hollywood”, in the good way! So if you want someone who will make the shoot fun and get awesome head shots.. Jeff is your guy!



Very easy to work with and excellent quality work. He will take the time to look at your past headshots and will come up with creative ideas for how to improve upon them.
The headshots Jeff did for me are easily the best I have had and have already opened doors for me!
Its incredible what a good headshot can do for your image. His work will also make your headshot really look like YOU!
He works fast, but detailed. We got in 5 looks in just a couple hours. It wasnt rushed though. He is just very skilled.
I thoroughly recommend him.



Jeff is wonderful. I was a bit nervous to take my shots because I felt great pressure to pose in the right way. In one minute Jeff did away with those nerves and I left our session feeling like I was very capable of print work! I got exactly what I wanted in my pictures and Jeff made it happen by making me more comfortable than I thought possible. It seemed like we were hanging out and having a good time and he just happened to have a camera in his hand pointing at me. I HIGHLY recommend Jeff. He always returns my emails in an extremely timely fashion, he was very thorough and personable as well as helpful after our shoot too in helping me pick the right pictures and touch them up. I could go on, but just try him out for yourself. You’ll see what we’re all talking about!



When looking for a headshot photographer, Jeff’s portfolio caught my eye because he clearly had a distinctive approach: the shots stood out because of the artistic choices he made. Speaking with him before I made up my mind on who to shoot with, I saw he clearly had a clever approach to the age old process of taking a headshot. It helps, of course, that he is an actor/model himself and both understands the industry and knows what it’s like to be in front of the camera. He was a lot of fun to work with and just to talk to during the shoot, making it easy for me to relax in front of the camera. It was hard to choose one shot in the end, because a good dozen or so turned out fantastically, an amazing ratio for any shoot.


Syd Skye

Jeff definitrly deserves a 5 star rating! I had my head shot session with him last with and it was really great. Beyond the fact that new shots are definietly a set of winners, the way the session went was simply awesome. He shoots in really relaxed atmosphere and makes you comfortable to be yourself and as actors we all know that our headsots are meant to show who we really are. For the quality of work his rates are beyond fair and the session is totally unrushed. Definitely the best headshot session i’ve had!!!


Ji Young

I’ve had the best photoshoot experience with Jeff. Absolutely pure talent and professionalism, not to mention an amazingly humorous and down to earth personality. All the right things for a relaxed atmosphere for your shots. He’s here to help and bring out the “you” in your headshot. I’ve gotten POSITIVE feedback from casting directors and agents, and most of all, I’ve gotten WORK as an actor. Check out his portfolio, and you’ll see what everyone is talking about.



Jeff is a terrific photographer. He made me feel totally relaxed on the shoot, and he’s warm, friendly, and honest. I was incredibly happy with my pictures, his retouching is fantastic. And not only that, he’s super easy to work with and incredibly fast at getting back to you. Plus, he is totally affordable. It absolutely cannot be beat in NYC. Truly the first person I feel has actually captured me in my headshot. Jeff is the best!


Julie Fitzpatrick

Jeff brings out the best.


Elizabeth Dahmen

Jeff takes headshots with staying power. I’ve had my headshots taken so many times over the last 10 years, and not until my photos by Jeff have I ever felt so confident when handing over that 8×10. His product is amazing, but the icing on the cake is his easy going, encouraging demeanor at the shoot. I was lucky to be referred to him by a close friend and I am always thrilled to be able to turn other actors onto his work. Finally (and maybe this should have been the first thing) he’s affordable. Headshots are our money-makers, but usually when we need them we haven’t made that money yet. He genuinely wants you to succeed and (an actor himself) understands how vital the headshot is as a money making tool.



Jeff did my first pro-headshots and made me feel totally at ease from the first minute I talked to him on the phone. The session was super laid back, but at the same time Jeff made feel extremely important. And not to mention, the shots came out fantastic. He helped me out with style, look, gave me little pointers on achieving my best look… even let me borrow one of his shirts! We still keep in contact and he’s gone above and beyond what I would expect from a photographer. I will definitely be going back when I need to be updated. Highly recommended.


Jaylene Clark

I absolutely loved taking my headshots with Jeff! Not only did I walk away from his photoshoot with a plethora of great choices, but I had a great time taking the photos. Jeff is great to work with and makes you feel comfortable while taking your photos. He knew all the right locations in New York City to get the perfect backgrounds and he was very speedy with getting me the finished products of the pictures I selected. He did the headshots for almost half of my Senior class, and I must say, we all looked great!



Jeff is a great guy and a really talented photographer. The shoot was fun and relaxed, and the pictures turned out beautifully. There were so many great shots to choose from! I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone.



Jeff is a very talented photographer!! He offers a welcoming and relaxing environment the second you walk though his door. Having a acting background gives Jeff an eye for taking excellent head shots that highlights your uniqueness.


Anne Source

Working with Jeff was a great experience! He’s a skilled photographer and really wonderful person. I am so glad a friend recommended him to me and I am now quick to recommend him whenever I hear someone saying they need new headshots. 



Jeffrey is the best! He makes you feel comfortable and knows how to find the light…so you look like you, but on your best day. He is genuine and he really cares about the process. He is amazing! The best part is that I get called in for far more auditions since he has done my headshots…and that says it all.


Daryl Getman

Jeff’s work speaks for itself!! He is one of the coolest and most down to earth photographers I’ve ever worked with… and he takes the time to capture WHO YOU ARE. He understands what its like to be on both sides of the camera, and makes you feel like yourself when you are shooting with him. I can’t say enough good things about Jeff and his work… just that I didn’t want the session to end!



Jeff is fantastic! He is professional, but creates such a relaxed atmosphere. I LOVE my headshots and would recommend him to anyone!


Mike D

I recently began acting and needed to get headshots. For someone new to the business it can be a confusing process on who to go to and what to get in a acting headshot. I was sent to Jeff and got lucky because he was affordable, knew what he was doing, and his headshots were perfect and have gotten me auditions and jobs already. I would recommend him to anyone


Noah Zachary

What makes Jeff so special is his ability to make you relax and be yourself while taking a photo. He really focuses on capturing who you are. I am so happy with my shots and have gotten excellent feedback from casting directors. I have referred Jeff to many friends and they are all so happy with their results. His affordable prices and attention to detail is unmatched. He’s also just a great guy, and a friend in this industry.



There aren’t enough good things I can write about Jeffrey Mosier and his work. Jeff has experience being an actor so he understands exactly what makes a headshot good. You immediately feel relaxed around him. Actors trust Jeff to bring out their true personalities and its obvious when you see his headshots that the final product is always a picture that is quintessentially them. Not overly glamorous or stylized, but “you” the person and actor at your best and most honest.
I can honestly say he is the best photographer I have worked with and I recommend him to all the actors I work with. His prices are extremely fair and he’s prompt about delivery and scheduling which makes him a consummate professional. On top of which, he’s a great human being that cares about artists and their work and you feel that energy from him immediately. Pick him for your next set of shots! You won’t be sorry!



Jeffery Mosier is talented, compassionate and fast! I was told about him through an agent through a showcase. The fact that he took time to chat with me, prior to the session, to find out what I wanted – that sold me! Sometimes a photographer comes across too business-like, yet the point of the headshot is to create an emotion. Jeff understood that right away. Since he was in the business of acting himself, he knows a headshot can (and will!) make or break you. Not even two months and I’ve gone on several auditions and got casted for a commercial!
Jeff grasps the element of teamwork and encourages self-esteem. Instead of second guessing myself, he told me to relax. Such a simple, yet hard task!!
All the elements of a professional who cares about the happiness of his client. Amazing, amazing, amazing.
&, not to mention, affordable!!


Michael Hanson

I couldn’t be more happy having been referred to Jeff. He gives you top notch shots at such an affordable price. The new headshots haven’t stopped getting great reactions and feedback from my peers.
I will recommend Jeff to everyone and will surely go back to him when the time comes to get new ones!


Nicholas Troilo

Jeff Mosier got the best out of me for my headshots. Not only did I like the results but my agent was thrilled because my headshot made her job much easier. Every CD I audition with comments on how accurately and attractively my headshot represents me. What more could an actor want?


Dan O’Brien

Jeff is not only a clearly talented headshot photographer, he’s a fantastic guy to work with. From the moment you meet him, he makes you feel welcome and comfortable. His retouching doesn’t turn you into something you aren’t; he captures YOU. I’ve already had at least 5 friends who have gone to him after seeing my headshots and they are all very pleased. Not to repeat everyone else, but you won’t find a headshot photographer this gifted and this affordable anywhere else in NYC. I highly recommend Jeff Mosier.


Matt Newton

Hands down the best headshot photographer I’ve ever worked with. He is a great guy who has a very keen eye for what agents and casting directors are looking for. I’ve been acting in tv and film for twelve years, and have worked with six different headshot photographers in that time. Half of them were more expensive than Jeff, and none of them were nearly as good. Jeff makes you feel very comfortable, and most importantly, his headshots have gotten me many more auditions and alot more work. Right after I started using his pictures I got a recurring role on Ugly Betty!



I had just moved to the city after college and was in desperate need of new headshots. I found Jeff through a friend of a friend and fell in love with the way he captures people! People stop to look at my headshots now when flipping through a pile and tell me the picture is stunning. Jeff truly takes the time to make you feel comfortable and keeps shooting until you’re happy with what you’ve got. And his rates are unbelievable for the finished product you get. I would definitely recommend Jeff- he’s such a pleasure to work with and is an amazing photographer! :o)


Joanna Carpenter

Jeff is great!!!
Professional and efficient, he makes the (sometimes arduous) ordeal of getting headshots taken a great experience. He has a great eye for what’s marketable and captures your best look. He’s also very quick at getting your retouching done and finishing your disk so your pictures are in your hands and ready for reproduction.
His rates are so reasonable, especially for NYC!!
Loved working with him, and I would recommend him to anyone!!


Cuyle Carvin

Absolutely the best photographer for your headshots! (or anything really, just look at his work!) My headshots have stood out amongst piles of shots that sit in files or on desks. Casting Directors have literally told me that my pic stands out so much that they put it in the
‘call’ file. NYC or LA, both coasts LOVE Jeff’s headshots. Not only that but he’s a fantastic guy and really does care about your product. His price is unbeatable, even unfair to other photographers. You can pay double or even more than what you pay with Jeff and not even get close to the same quality that Jeffrey Mosier provides.
You’re literally CRAZY if you go anywhere else. Don’t bother shopping around, you can’t beat Jeff’s work in any way.